Home Loans FAQs

Why use Direct Mortgage Brokers instead of getting loans directly from a bank?
• Wide range of choices: a bank will only sell its product and will never tell if there is a better option out there.
• Customized services: From the moment you make your first call, we guarantee personalized services. Our friendly home loans experts will find a loan facility that perfectly suits your needs.
• High level of expertise
• Free services most of the time
How does your home loan application work?
To start with, we’ll need you to fill in an application and provide all the necessary documents. Then, we’ll carry out an assessment and provide you with the best options so you make a choice.
Once we identify the best lender, we’ll proceed with the application so you can get quick loan approval.
Is Direct Mortgage Brokers owned by lending institutions?
No. Direct Mortgage Brokers is a privately-owned company and has no association with any bank or other lenders.
How long does the initial assessment take?
If you provide us with the required documents on time, we’ll complete your home loan assessment in 24 hours. For an even faster assessment, all you need is to let us know and we’ll make it possible.
I don’t meet standard bank requirements. Is it possible to get a loan at a better interest rate?
Of course! At Direct Mortgage Brokers, we work with multiple lenders who offer more flexible terms and rates. Our professionals will get you great deals for your home loan application.